What Are Some Common Yorkie Grooming Styles?


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The flared cut, Westie cut, squared puppy cut and three-layer cut are four popular grooming styles for Yorkshire terriers. Owners typically chose between the four based on the home environments and how much time they can dedicate to maintaining the grooming styles.

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A Yorkie with a flared cut has a shaved body with long hair around its face and legs. For the Westie cut, groomers trim the hair on the body to fall roughly 1 inch from the floor, while the hair on the face and ears are curved into a rounded look. Yorkies sporting the squared puppy cut have shaved bodies and facial hair trimmed to create square bobs. The three-layer look, also known as the 3 stack, features three different hair lengths: the hair around the legs is floor length, hair on the body falls 1 inch from the floor, and the hair on the Yorkie's head extends past its shoulders by 1 to 2 inches.

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