What Are Some Common Water-Themed Names for Dogs?

According to PetPlace.com, some common water-themed names for dogs include Admiral, Bahama, Sunny, Lilly Pad and Shrimp. Water-, lake- and ocean-themed names are perfect for dogs who love to swim or who enjoy the peacefulness of the water.

PetPlace.com suggests many water-themed names for dogs. The name Admiral refers to a rank in the navy. Other Navy ranks that would make good dog names are First Mate, Captain and Commodore.

The name Bahama represents an exotic beach locale. Other names that are reminiscent of tropical settings are Bay, Catalina, Sandy or Bikini. The name Sunny evokes images of warm summer days by the water. This name could also relate to a dog’s disposition or to the orange, rusty, red or yellow color of its fur. Other names that have the same theme are Sunrise or Sunset.

Lilly Pad is a cute name that could be given to a small dog, since it evokes images of frogs in a pond. Other names that are related to lake or pond themes include Bass, Hudson, Canoe, Goose and Duck.

Shrimp is another name that might refer to a dog’s size, either literally or sarcastically. Other fish-themed names include Bait, Catfish, Salmon and Shark.