What Are Some Common Veterinary Complaints?


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As of 2015, common veterinary complaints include reports that veterinarians perform too many diagnostic tests and veterinary service costs are high, according to Banfield Pet Hospital. Veterinarians also hear complaints that pets have to see a veterinary professional to obtain a medication refill and that the wait for service is too long. Veterinarians conduct series of diagnostic tests to determine why animals are ill because pets cannot express verbally what is wrong. Veterinarians set service costs based on their expenses.

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Veterinarians must perform tests that include or exclude particular diseases because many different pet diseases have the same or similar symptoms, explains Banfield Pet Hospital. Pet doctors need to make accurate diagnoses to render effective treatment. Treating pets based on inaccurate diagnoses can make the pets' conditions worse.

Setting prices for pet medical care takes into consideration the value of the time veterinarians and staff spend on patients, lab testing and treatment expenses. Pet caretakers can help control their costs by taking preventive care steps, such as regular checkups and vaccinations. Pet caretakers may experience long waits for scheduled service when other patients require emergency pet care, to which veterinarians give priority over scheduled appointments. Longer wait times can occur depending on the day of the week or time of day that people schedule their pets' appointments, notes Banfield Pet Hospital.

Veterinarians must establish valid doctor-patient relationships with pets and caretakers before writing prescriptions and administering medications, reports Banfield Pet Hospital. Establishing the relationships requires doctors to see the pets. Pet doctors are also responsible for verifying that medications are safe and effective for individual pets.

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