What Are Some Common Types of Birds in Florida?


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Common types of birds found in Florida include anhingas, tricolored herons, ground doves and white ibis. The anhinga lives in the Florida swamps and is noted for its long, snakelike neck that it holds out of the water when it is not submerged. It eats crustaceans and also uses its long bill to side-spear fish.

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Formerly called the Louisiana heron, the tricolored heron is a wading bird of medium size found in the Florida marshes. Like the anhinga, it eats fish, but captures them by stalking. The ground dove is believed to be the smallest dove in North America. It is only about 6 to 7 inches long.

The ground dove gets its name because it spends much of its time on the ground even though it is able to fly. It even nests on the ground. It eats seeds, fruits and insects, and like other doves drinks by pumping water into its beak and tipping back its head.

The white ibis is another bird of the marshes and wet places and is notable for its pure white feathers and long, curved, red bill. The skin around the eye is also red, and the eye is bright blue. It travels in flocks and uses its bill to stir up prey in the muck of its marshy habitat.

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