What Is the Most Common Type of Domestic Chicken?


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The most common type of domestic chickens are Ameraucanas, Jersey giants and Rhode Island reds. These dual-purpose breeds are popular as they can be used as meat birds and/or egg layers.

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The most popular domestic chickens raised for meat purposes are broilers and heritage or heirloom breeds. Popular broilers include Cornish cross and Jersey giants. Popular heritage and heirloom breeds include but are not limited to the Delaware, dorking and buckeye breeds.

The most popular domestic egg-laying breeds are the Rhode Island white and red breeds, the black, gold, and red sexlink breeds, and the gray and white California breeds. The white leghorn, barred rock and the Ameraucana, or "Easter egg chicken," are also known for their egg laying. All of these breeds lay anywhere from 240 to 300 eggs per year.

The Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island red, leghorn, Jersey giant and Ameraucana breeds are the most popular dual-purpose breeds. These specific breeds are good layers and grow to a considerable size, making them good meat birds as well.

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