What Are Some Common Traits of Male Scorpios?


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Male Scorpios typically exhibit excessive jealousy, an inability to forgive, compulsion and highly sexual behavior. These men have intense, brooding and poetic natures and are very competitive. They love intensely and fixate on their true loves. Scorpio males strive for excellence in all of their activities.

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Male Scorpios exhibit confidence but are not narcissistic. They do not care what others think of them because they have self-actualized. They are focused and difficult to divert; however, they tend to overindulge, so they must learn self-control to avoid dangerous or life-threatening consequences.

Positive male Scorpio traits include bravery, balance, faithfulness, ambition and intuition. Male Scorpios face challenges head-on. They are passionate and happy without being careless or immature, and they stand by their friends. Power and money motivate these men, and their intuition leads them to make the right decisions at the right times.

Negative male Scorpio traits include manipulation, jealousy, secrecy and resentment. Male Scorpios want things done their way, and they will manipulate or domineer others to get what they want. They are possessive, and their jealously can ruin their relationships. They are secretive because they do not trust others easily and are very easily hurt by negative comments or cruel behavior. They also get even with those who hurt them.

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