What Are Some Common Traits of Malamute Puppies?


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Common traits of malamute puppies include a fluffy, wolf-like appearance, a rambunctious and friendly personality, and a fondness for the cold. The malamute is a breed of working dog that was developed to pull heavy sled loads under Arctic conditions.

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Malamute puppies come in a variety of colors and standard markings, but all of them have a thick coat of fluffy fur to protect them from the Arctic chill. Originally developed in Alaska as a sled dog, they somewhat resemble their cousins the huskies. However, malamute puppies are much more heavily built, as they were bred for strength and endurance, not speed.

Malamute puppies are also very intelligent and friendly, but they require a lot of exercise and can be aggressive towards other pets. They are affectionate towards humans in general, not just their owners, and make poor guard dogs despite their intimidating size.

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