What Are Common Traits of Borer Bees?


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Borer bees, more commonly known as carpenter bees, are a group of large, mostly solitary insects with yellow and black markings, hairless abdomens, and strong jaws that allow them to dig tunnels into wood. They are considered a nuisance because they cause structural damage to buildings and raw timber.

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Borer bees belong to the scientific group Xylocopinae. They resemble bumble bees, but they lack bumble bees' distinct layer of fuzz. They are not considered aggressive, and the males lack stingers entirely. The bees dig tunnels to nest and lay eggs in, and later generations of bees progressively expand upon these nests. Unlike termites, borer bees do not eat the wood they bore into. Instead, like other bees, they eat nectar and serve as pollinators.

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