What Are Some Common Poultry Ailments?

What Are Some Common Poultry Ailments?

Some of the most common poultry diseases include rickets, vitamin A deficiency, mycoplasmosis, ascaridiasis, and colibacillosis, according to Hobby Farms. Other common poultry ailments are fowl pox, fowl cholera, coccidiosis, lice infestation and capillariasis.

A chick with rickets develops rubbery bones and may present symptoms such as decreased growth, a stiff gait and bone deformities, explains Hobby Farms. Chicks may be unable to walk and die of suffocation in severe cases. Chickens with a vitamin A deficiency have a crusty material in the eyes and nostrils. Hens with this deficiency experience a decrease in egg production, while deficient chicks do not grow, are depressed and eventually die of organ failure.

Mycoplasmosis causes a chicken to have dirty nostrils and watery eyes, notes Hobby Farms. The disease also causes coughing, sneezing and developmental delays. Ascaridiasis, or roundworm, manifests in poultry through symptoms of diarrhea and weight loss. A chicken with coccibacillosis appears listless, coughs often, has ruffled feathers and exhibits labored breathing.

Fowl pox causes a chicken to have round lesions that are raised with the appearance of a scab in the center, states Hobby Farm. In cases of fowl cholera, poultry can die suddenly without displaying symptoms of infection. When symptoms are present, a chicken can be severely depressed, have mucus coming out of its beak and have cyanosis. Coccidiosis causes a chicken to exhibit diarrhea as well as weight and pigmentation loss.

Chickens with a lice infestation act nervously, with frequent scratching and pecking, explains Hobby Farms. Capillariasis, or hairworm, presents symptoms such as wasting, diarrhea and paleness in poultry.