What Are the Common Personality Traits of Toy Fox Terriers?


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Toy fox terriers have several common personality traits, including loyalty, playfulness and fearlessness. These spunky dogs share some common terrier traits and some traits that are unique to being a toy-sized dog. The terrier traits include being alert and independent, while the toy characteristics make them affectionate and gentle.

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With an independent attitude, these dogs prefer to learn tricks and have active play rather than practice formal obedience training exercises. Its active intelligence means the dog will be a great companion, but it also means it can be destructive when left alone or bored. This breed is best suited for homes with older children or adults, and few or no other pets. Early socialization can help with some of the undesirable traits, such as unfriendliness with children, strangers and other animals.

Its small size makes housebreaking challenging, especially if it is cold or raining outside. Some pet owners combat this with inside house training tools like pads and litter boxes. The small size also makes toy fox terriers ideal for indoor living but not for being outside pets. They also require sweaters and blankets in cooler temperatures.

Like many toy breeds, the toy fox terrier is prone to barking and has high energy levels. Toy fox terriers enjoy being a lap dogs with plenty of attention.

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