What Are the Most Common North American Birds?


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Some of the most common North American birds are the American robin, red-winged blackbird, dark-eyed junco, European starling and mallard. Some species are native to North America, whereas the European starling is a foreign bird that came to the United States in the 19th century and has since flourished.

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What Are the Most Common North American Birds?
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American robins, once swamp and woodland dwellers, are one of the most familiar backyard birds, making their homes among the human race in cities, towns and gardens. They are found across the continental United States, Canada and Alaska and, as of 2015, number several hundred million individuals.

A call from a red-winged blackbird often indicates the presence of water nearby. These birds live around ponds, lakes, rivers and wetlands. The males are notable for the bright red patches they have on their wings. Less flashy are the common dark-eyed juncos, which are a familiar sight at bird feeders across North America, especially during the winter in the continental United States.

The mallard is one of the most common species of ducks in North America. As of 2014, there were an estimated 11 million mallards on the continent.

Other common North American birds are the mourning dove, chipping sparrow, red-eyed vireo and yellow-rumped warbler.

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