What Do Common Lizards Eat?

Common lizards feed on insects, such as flies, grasshoppers and spiders, according to the Surrey Amphibian and Reptile Group. They also eat invertebrates, including earthworms, small snails and centipedes.

Common lizards generally have a dark brown color and a complex pattern of lines and stripes, states SARG. Their maximum length is 8 inches, and they have long tapering tails. These lizards thrive in various habitats, particularly in damp heathland, open woodland, large gardens and abandoned land. They typically feed heavily 100 to 130 days each year. They feed 40 to 75 more days in cooler temperatures.

As common lizards are very fast creatures, they often catch their prey quickly. They move along regular routes searching for prey once they reach their ideal operating temperature. They detect food by sight, sound and smell. They seize their prey in the jaws and stun the prey if needed. They chew their food from end to end and swallow the insect whole, usually head first.

Common lizards have individual preferences for food. Some like to dig earthworms, while others ignore a worm passing in front of them. Others also eat woodlice. Most lizards usually avoid consuming black invertebrates, such as beetles and black crickets.