What Are Some Common Kitten Sounds?


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Some common kitten sounds include meows, purrs, chirps and trills. Meowing is actually much more common in kittens, and adult cats do not meow at each other in the same way that kittens meow for their mother.

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Meowing is the main kitten vocalization. It is mainly used to gain attention from adult cats. When kittens mature, they tend not to meow at other cats. Instead, meowing becomes reserved for getting attention from humans.

Kittens are not born able to purr, but they learn how to by the time they are 2 days old. Purring is used by adult cats to help newborn kittens find their way to teats to nurse. Kittens often purr back while nursing.

Chirps and trills are short, high-pitched calls used between mother cats and their offspring. Adult cats initiate chirping and trilling, and kittens learn by imitation. These calls appear to be used as greetings or as a way to tell other cats to stay close and follow.

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