What Are the Most Common Kitten Names Used?

As of 2016, some of the most common names for female kittens are Luna, Bella, Chloe, Lucy and Kitty, while some of the most common names for male kittens include Oliver, Charlie, Max, Milo and Leo, based on a Vetstreet report. Other most-often used kitten names are Simba, Jack, Nala, Gracie and Tiger. The common kitten names derive from pop culture, literature or the characteristics of the individual pet.

The name Bella became the most popular name for female kittens in 2006, after the release of the book "Twilight." Another popular name that comes from a book is Luna, based on the character of Luna Lovegood in the "Harry Potter" novels. Films are also an inspiration for kitten names, such as Nala and Simba, from the movie "The Lion King." Some owners may base their name choice on the kitten's appearance, such as using the name Smokey for a gray cat, Callie for a calico cat or Tiger for a striped cat. Others may choose names commonly used for humans, such as Chloe and Oliver.

New kitten owners may decide that a common name is not for them. Some female kitten name options that do not appear in the top 10, as of 2016, are Agatha, Daphne, Mona and Zelda. Less common male kitten names include Malcolm, Jerry, Dexter, Bubba and Chase.