What Are Some Common Household Insects?


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Ants, fleas, termites and spiders are some of the most common household insects. Various types of flies, including cluster flies, summer filth varieties and fall nuisance flies, are also household bugs. Varieties of beetles, such as the carpet beetle and the ground beetle, are found in and around homes. Centipedes, silverfish and other multilegged pests are commonly located around homes.

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Insects that are spread by person or pet contact, such as head lice and mites, are considered common household pests. Different types of winged insects also plague many homes, such as the paper wasp, Indian meal moth and yellow jacket.

To prevent or get rid of pests, keep homes as clean as possible. Food and dirt attract many pests, and some pests attract spiders that consider them prey. Insect nests should be treated with a commercial product as soon as possible. Doors should be left closed, and any cracks or holes in walls should be sealed to discourage infestation. Yard litter should be removed to discourage insect breeding. Garbage should be emptied regularly, and floors should be swept daily to eliminate insect food sources. Floors should also be mopped regularly to catch small, unseen food remains. Standing liquid should be dumped to help eliminate insect water sources.

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