What Are Some Common House Bugs?


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Some common house bugs include cockroaches, spiders and ants. Some of these pests often carry diseases and are a nuisance. Adequate pest control keeps these insects under control.

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What Are Some Common House Bugs?
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Cockroaches lurk in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom drains in search of food. They eat virtually anything including leftover pet food. They are transporters of diseases and even cause allergies. Ants live in colonies and gather food for their hibernation during the winter. Some eat sugary food and some also bite if they feel threatened.

Spiders often catch other pesky bugs such as moths. However, if their population is not controlled, they become a nuisance. They create spider webs wherever they feel comfortable, including in the home. Some spiders and ants have poisonous bites that are dangerous to humans.

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