What Are Some Common Florida Spiders?


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Some of the most common types of spiders in Florida are jumping spiders, crab spiders, argiopes, orb-weaving spiders and wolf spiders. Florida’s many different habitats and subtropical climate allow many spider species to inhabit the state.Though all spiders produce venom, only a few Florida species are dangerous to humans.

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Black and yellow argiope spiders construct large, elaborate webs that capture flying insects, such as moths and butterflies. Long-jawed orb-weavers, which normally dwell near trees overhanging rivers or lakes, look frightening, but they are shy and essentially harmless to humans. Fishing spiders are commonly seen hunting along the surface of the water. Large individuals are powerful enough to capture fish, but smaller spiders primarily consume invertebrates.

Wolf spiders and jumping spiders are prowling species that actively hunt for their prey. Rather than relying on a web to trap and incapacitate prey, these spiders rely on size, agility and their venomous bite to subdue insects and small spiders. Most such species are very cryptically colored and patterned, which allows them to escape detection by predators and remain unseen by prey.

Black widows are the only dangerously venomous spiders common to the state. Recognize them by noting their distinctive red hourglass-like markings. Black widows frequently build their webs under objects. There are also some established populations of the venomous recluse spider in Florida.

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