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Common types of birds are: blue jays, robins, mourning doves, Northern cardinals, Eastern bluebirds, osprey and American goldfinches. These birds are among the most common in the United States, but live in different parts of the country. These bird species include smaller songbirds, as well as larger predators such as peregrine falcons.

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Of the common birds in the U.S., Eastern bluebirds are among the most popular among birdwatchers. They draw attention for their brilliant blue colors, and often visit birdhouses and feeders that people put in their yards. These birds belong to the larger family of thrushes, and cover a range extending from the East Coast down to Central America. They reside in deciduous habitats with farmland, open spaces and forests. They prefer somewhat open areas for breeding and nesting, and may also live alongside fields and even suburban areas with good tree cover.

Unlike Eastern bluebirds, which reside in one area of the U.S., mourning doves live throughout the country. They are mid-size birds with smaller heads and rather long tails. Mourning doves often roost on telephone wires, and feed on seeds scattered on the ground. They get their name from a low, mournful call that they use to communicate and attract mates. These doves are popular game species, but are not classified as endangered.

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