What Are Some Common Bird Species in the United States?


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Common bird species in the United States include the house wren, the house sparrow and the mallard duck. The house wren is a tiny and rather drab bird with a big voice. It is energetic and flits about looking for insects.

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What Are Some Common Bird Species in the United States?
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The house wren takes readily to nest boxes and has no trouble building rather messy nests in man-made structures.

The house sparrow is so common that it is often ignored, but it is a rather aggressive little bird that takes over the nests of other birds. It is actually not related to other sparrows that live in the United States. It is fatter, has a broader chest, larger head and a robust bill good for cracking nuts and seeds. The male is more colorful than the female.

The mallard duck is not only common in the United States, but it is common all over the world. The male is famous for his brilliantly green head and black tail feathers. Though the female is less colorful, like the male she has a shimmering blue speculum on her wing. The male does not help raise the chicks but leaves the female after they've mated. She usually lays about nine to 13 eggs, and the chicks hatch in less than a month.

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