What Are Some Common Backyard Lizards?


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Common backyard lizards include anoles, six-lined race runners and eastern fence lizards. Anoles, primarily found in the Southeastern United States in North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, are small- to medium-sized lizards with slender bodies. Their color ranges from bright green to dark brown. Anole lizards are close relatives of iguanas. Males are 15 percent larger than females with larger red throat fans or dewlaps.

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Anoles, commonly found in urban areas on shrubs, railings and steps, prefer damp forests or brush, where they feed on crickets, grasshoppers and spiders. They are highly territorial and readily fight to defend their territories.

The six-lined race runner lizard is common throughout Georgia and South Carolina with the exception of some mountainous areas. Commonly found on the ground where it eats a variety of insects and spiders, this lizard is extremely fast and difficult to capture. Six-lined race runners are abundant in hot, open areas and rarely seen in thick forests or swamplands.

The eastern fence lizard lives in or near rock piles and logs in the Eastern United States. They have rough, pointed scales on their backs and can grow to lengths of up to 7 inches. States where the eastern fence lizard makes its home include Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Virginia. These tree-dwelling lizards prey on moths, ants, grasshoppers and stink bugs. Its fondness for pine trees earned the eastern fence lizard the nickname of "pine lizard."

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