What Are the Colors of the Holland Lop?


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Holland Lop rabbits come in eight color groups, each of which has its own subcolors. The eight color groups are agouti, broken, pointed white, self, shaded, tan pattern, ticked and wideband. With all color groups considered, Holland lops come in dozens of colors.

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The agouti color group is characterized by ticked hairs with white belly, nostrils and inner ears. Ticked and shaded colors are similar to agouti but without the additional white coloration. Broken and wideband both refer to a single color with white patches, while pointed white is all white with an additional color on the nose, feet and ears. Tan rabbits are typically black with a tan-colored belly, nose and ears. Finally, self-colored rabbits are all a single color with no markings, such as black, chocolate or cream.

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