What Is the Color of the American Crow's Tongue?

The American crow's tongue is pink at a young age. It darkens as the crow becomes an adult. The American crow is also called the common crow. It has black feathers, legs,and talons. Its bill is also black.

In spring and summer, crows are found in flocks of family groups. In fall and winter, thousands of crows gather together in groups to roost. A flock of crows is known as a "murder." Crows feed on a wide variety of food, both plants and animals. They don't get along with other birds of prey, such as owls and ravens. They use different tactics to harass these birds whenever possible. Female crows lay bluish-green eggs with brown specks. Both male and female crows take turn to incubate the eggs. The young ones leave the nest after five weeks. Crows are highly monogamous, and they stay with one mate for life.