What Are Some Cold Remedies for Cats?


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Feline cold treatments include dehumidifier use, antibiotics, and frequent eye- and nose-area cleaning with warm water, according to petMD. The owner should encourage the cat to eat and drink so that the cat can maintain its strength and remain hydrated.

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What Are Some Cold Remedies for Cats?
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Sneezing and eye or nose discharge in a cat may indicate a cold or upper respiratory infection, states petMD. These symptoms may be treated with at-home care by keeping the facial area clean, using a dehumidifier, and making certain the cat remains nourished and hydrated. If the cat also experiences lethargy, appetite loss, fever, dehydration, coughing, excessive swallowing, raised third eyelid or discharge that is thick, watery, bloody or green, yellow or clear in color, the cat should be examined by a veterinarian. This sickness can be fatal if left untreated.

Veterinarians can typically diagnose upper respiratory infections with a physical exam, and an antibiotic may be prescribed. If the cat is not eating, the veterinarian may also conduct a diagnostic blood test or X-ray. If the veterinarian finds that the cat is dehydrated, the cat may have to be hospitalized. These colds and upper respiratory infections may be viral or bacterial, and feline illnesses are comparable to flu in humans, reports petMD.

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