How Do You Get Cockroaches?


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Cockroaches enter homes and buildings through open spaces, as well as small cracks and holes that surround pipes and doorways. While the common belief is that cockroaches are only attracted to unclean areas, they are known to invade clean homes and dwellings as well, as they are searching for moist, warm shelter. Once inside, cockroaches are attracted to food, garbage and water sources.

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How Do You Get Cockroaches?
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In addition to food, trash and water, roaches are attracted to newspapers and paper products, such as paper bags and cardboard boxes. This is due to the fact that roaches emit pheromones that attract other roaches, and paper works well to absorb these pheromones. It is important for homeowners who suspect a roach infestation to thoroughly clean the home, as well as inspect pipes for water leakage.

Removing food and water sources can help prevent further infestations, but it is always a good idea to consult with a pest control specialist because roaches lay multiple eggs once they have infested a home. Signs of a roach infestation include active roaches, droppings that resemble coffee grounds, musty odors and egg capsules. Roach egg capsules are approximately 38 millimeters long and range in color from red to brown. It is common for homeowners to find capsules behind appliances in kitchens and laundry rooms, as well as in basements.

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