What Is a Cockapoo Puppy?


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A cockapoo puppy is a young domesticated dog that either has one parent that is a cocker spaniel and another that is a poodle, or is descended from a pair of dogs that are both cocker spaniel/poodle mixes themselves. Cockapoos are considered a designer breed, hybrids produced from purebred dogs.

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Cockapoos are so named because their background contains a mix of cocker spaniel and poodle lineages. While cocker spaniel and poodles are both considered official dog breeds, as of 2015, cockapoos do not have official recognition as a breed from dog registries such as the American Kennel Club. There are currently efforts underway by cockapoo breeders to develop the mix as a pure breed unto itself, but these registries are separate from larger national breed registries such as the AKC. A similar designer breed is the Maltipoo, a hybrid of the Maltese with the miniature poodle.

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