What Are Some Clownfish Enemies?

clownfish-enemies Credit: Ruben Holthuijsen/CC-BY-2.0

Enemies of clownfish include eels, sharks and large fish. Humans are the biggest threat to clownfish, as people catch them for use in fish tanks and aquariums.

Clownfish, also called anemonefish, take refuge from predators in the stinging tentacles of anemones. A thin layer of mucus on the clownfish's skin affords them immunity to the anemone's stings. In return, clownfish drive predators away from anemones and remove parasites from them.

Clownfish are orange with three white bars. There are 28 known species of clownfish. They grow as large as approximately 4 inches and live in shallow waters in the Indian Ocean, Red Sea and Pacific Ocean.