What Are Some Clouded Leopard Facts?


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Clouded leopards are not directly related to traditional leopards, though they are in the same family, the Pantherinae family. They typically weigh approximately 28 pounds, with the body measuring 36 inches long on average. The tail of a clouded leopard is about 30 inches long. They have short legs and large paws. Males are typically larger than females.

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What Are Some Clouded Leopard Facts?
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Clouded leopards are named for their spots, which have a cloudy appearance. In China, they are called mint leopards because their spots mimic mint leaves. The spot are a dark brown, with the fur ranging from yellow to brown in color. Their canine teeth are the largest of any cat relative to their body size.

These big cats hunt in trees or on the ground. Their diet consists of pigs, cattle, goats, monkey, birds, deer, squirrels and porcupines. Clouded leopards live mostly in lowland tropical rainforests, though their historic habitat included most of Southeast Asia. Two subspecies have been determined, based on their geographical locations. Neofelis nebulosa lives on mainland Asia and Taiwan, and the Neofelis diardi is found on Borneo and Sumatra.

Clouded leopards are secretive and rare, so little is known about them. They are listed as vulnerable on the World Conservation Union's Red List of Threatened Animals. It is difficult to get accurate numbers because of their secluded and solitary behavior.

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