How Do You Clip the Wings of a Parakeet?

How Do You Clip the Wings of a Parakeet?

One of the techniques used in clipping the wings of a parakeet involves wrapping the bird in a towel and then cutting a certain number of primary flight feathers on each wing. This technique will require the help of a partner to hold the bird down and keep it still. Apart from the towel and short scissors, the task may also require needle-nose pliers and hemostats just in case the cut was made too close causing the parakeet to bleed.

Wing-clipping is a controversial subject with active proponents that are for and against the procedure. It will be a good idea to consider and read about the matter thoughtfully before clipping. Having the procedure done by trained professional should also be strongly considered.

The following shows one basic method of clipping a parakeet's wings.

  1. Catch the bird
  2. Once all the tools are ready, catch the parakeet and wrap it around a thick towel. Settle the bird down in a well-lit room that is preferably quiet to help relax the bird. Make sure not to wrap the towel on too tight and leave slack on the bird's chest to allow it to breathe easily.

  3. Cut the wing
  4. Gently stretch one wing of the bird to expose the long primary flight feathers. Leaving the first two feathers, cut about below the shorter set of feathers called the covert feathers. Cut about five to seven primary flight feathers on each wing.

  5. Inspect regularly
  6. Examine the parakeet's primary flight wing feathers regularly about once a month to see if the feathers need to be trimmed again.