What Are Some Clever Dog Names That Start With "s"?


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Some clever dog names that start with the letter "s" include "Sears," "Spago," "Shasta," "Sprite," "Sinatra," "Shaq," Swiffer" and "Seismic." Though finding a clever name for a dog can be fun, there are other guidelines for naming a dog that also should be carefully considered before a name is determined. Choosing a clever name that is not practical could lead to confusion for a dog.

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What Are Some Clever Dog Names That Start With "s"?
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A person who is considering a name for their dog should remember that it will be important for them to say the name often and consistently each time they speak it. Saying a dog's name is an indicator to the dog that the command or other words that follow are meant for them. Because of this, the name of the dog should be something that is easy to say. Choosing a name like "Barkie Von Wolfenstein" is difficult for a dog to comprehend and tiring for an owner to speak.

Dogs tend to best understand when their spoken name ends in a long vowel sound. They also tend to respond better when their names are one or two syllables long. This means that names like "Susie" or "Sammy" might be good names for a dog.

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