What Are Some Clever Dog Names?

clever-dog-names Credit: olaser/E+/Getty Images

A clever dog name is one that causes those who hear the name to do a double take or think for a moment when they first learn the name. Some of the most clever dog names originate from pop culture or business references. For example, dog names can be pulled from places, celebrities, historical figures, writers, fictional characters or products.

Place names that could serve as dog names include names such as Reno, Bixby, Aspen, Kona and Maui. Those who want to name their dogs after historical figures may consider names such as Crockett, Houdini, Schwarzkopf, Thatcher, Sojourner or Amelia.

Using the first or last name of a celebrity is another way to give a dog a clever name. Names such as Cumberbatch, Kutcher or Cruise could work. Likewise, names such as Demi, Fergie, Famke and Charlize are also among the most clever names.

Those who have a favorite writer might want to name their dogs after that person. If this were the case, popular writer names such as Kerouac, Twain, Whitman, Capote, Ludlum, Agatha, Angelou or Lovecraft might all be nice choices.

Similarly, those who associate with fictional characters from books, TV shows or movies might consider names such as Heisenberg, Pip, Ebenezer, Lisbeth, Corky or Scout.