How Do You Clean a Poodle's Ears?

How Do You Clean a Poodle's Ears?

To clean the ears of a poodle, first pluck out any hair that may be stuck in the ear, then moisten a cotton pad or cotton ball with any type of facial cleaner and scrub the inside of the ear and a little bit of the ear canal. For dogs that have a lot of wax, it may be necessary to wash out the ear with soap and water while the dog is taking a bath.

If a dog's ears are not cleaned periodically, they could build up with wax and cause the dog discomfort, as well as impede the dog's hearing. Furthermore, if a dog is constantly scratching at it's ears it could be a sign of ear mites or an ear infection, in which the dog should be taken into the vet. Use the following steps to clean the ears of a poodle.

  1. Pluck ear hair
  2. Plug any ear hair that could be tickling or scratching the dog.

  3. Wet a cotton ball or pad with a facial cleaning solution
  4. The facial solution should be very mild and made for use on sensitive skin.

  5. Scrub the inside of the ear
  6. Use the cotton ball or pad to scrub the inside of the ear until it is clean. The very outside of the ear canal can be scrubbed as well, but do not penetrate too far into the ear with the pad. Make sure that liquid does not pool in the ear.