How Do You Clean Fish Tanks?


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To clean a fish tank, unplug the heater, switch off the pump, disconnect the filter, and remove any artificial plants or decorations before vacuuming the gravel and replacing the water. Separately clean the filter, artificial plants and decorations in a tub or sink before replacing them.

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Use an algae sponge to clean the tank's interior surfaces. Insert the gravel cleaner into the bottom of the tank. The tank's water becomes clearer as the gravel cleaner operates. When finished with a section, pinch the siphon's tubing, or close the valve so the gravel can return to its original position. Move to the next section, and continue cleaning until approximately 25 percent of the tank's water is removed. Incomplete sections can remain until the next water change.

Don't add water with a temperature different than the tank water, as this stresses the fish and may contribute to ich and other opportunistic diseases. Measure the temperature of both the tank's water and the new water to ensure they match, and use a faucet pump or a bucket to replace the water. Adding dechlorinator is necessary for water sources that contain chlorine. After the cleaning the tank, reconnect the filter, and replace the artificial plants and other decorations. To finish, plug in the heater, and start the pump.

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