How Do You Clean a Dog's Ears?

How Do You Clean a Dog's Ears?

To clean a dog's ears, drop ear cleanser into the ear canals, and massage the dog's ears to loosen the debris. Allow the dog to shake his head, and wipe off the debris. You need cotton balls, cotton-tipped applicators, tweezers, ear cleanser and a towel to complete this task.

  1. Take the dog to an open place

    Take your dog outside in an open place to prevent debris and cleanser from splashing onto the walls when the dog shakes his head.

  2. Apply the cleanser

    Examine the ear canals of your dog, and use tweezers to pluck any excess hair from the ear canals. Hold the ear flap up, and squirt a few drops of cleanser into the flap near the ear opening. Repeat the procedure with the other ear.

  3. Massage the ears

    Using your fingers, massage the bases of the dog's ears for a few seconds to allow the cleanser to fill the ridges in the ear canals and loosen the debris. Release the dog to shake his head to remove debris.

  4. Wipe the ear canals

    Hold the dog again, and use a cotton ball to wipe the ear canals. Use cotton-tipped applicators to clean stubborn debris out of the ridges. Take caution not to damage the eardrum. Once clean, wipe away the debris, and dry your dog's head with a towel.