How Do You Clean Bird Droppings?


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An individual can clean bird droppings from surfaces using a bleach and water solution followed by scrubbing the surfaces with soap. Some surfaces may be damaged with bleach, in which case a commercial disinfectant can do the job. Either way, protective clothing is necessary to avoid contact with the droppings.

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Protective wear includes long pants and a long-sleeved shirt, waterproof gloves, eye protection, water-proof shoes and a filter mask. Once protected, an individual can mix a solution containing one part bleach and nine parts water to clean the affected area. He can soak the area covered with bird droppings in the bleach solution for 10 minutes, reapplying the bleach solution as needed to keep the area damp. After soaking, the individual can scrape up the droppings with a shovel and place them in a doubled plastic bag to seal it away for disposal.

Using a broom he can scrub the affected surface with a dish detergent and water solution, mixed until suds form. Once finished, he can wash the surface with water after scrubbing and then soak the surface for an additional 10 minutes in the bleach solution. Allowing the surface to air dry while keeping the solution in place, kills any germs.

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