What Is a Cinnamon Ball Python?


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Cinnamon ball pythons are ball pythons that have been selectively bred in captivity to have cinnamon pastel coloration. Ball pythons, which grow to a maximum length of 3 to 5 feet, are very popular as pets. The name comes from their tendency to coil up into a ball shape when threatened.

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Ball pythons are the smallest species of African python. They are found in sparse woods, savannas and grasslands in western and central Africa, south of the Sahara Desert. They inhabit empty mammal burrows and termite mounds and hunt mice, rats, shrews and birds.

Ball pythons caught in the wild sometimes refuse to eat and often have parasites, so captive-bred pythons are better options as pets. Young snakes need tanks of 10 to 20 gallons, while adults need 30-gallon tanks. Substrate can be newspaper, shredded bark or Astroturf. Pythons need a box or container to hide in, and a dish large enough to soak in. The temperature needs to be carefully regulated with a reptile heating pad or an incandescent bulb to provide a basking area on one side of the cage and a cooler spot on the other. Ball pythons only need to be fed once a week, and their diet can be exclusively mice and rats. They sometimes fast for several weeks, especially during the winter. As long as they remain healthy, this is not a problem.

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