Do Chow Chows Shed?


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According to DogTime.com, chow chows shed. Typically, chow chows shed heavily in the winter and spring; however, with regular grooming, it is possible to reduce shedding.

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Do Chow Chows Shed?
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Chow chows have a top coat and an undercoat. The easiest way to reduce shedding is to brush chow chows with a metal grooming comb and a shedding slicker. A medium-sized pin brush is an ideal tool for brushing the undercoat. Before brushing, mist the coat with a diluted dog-coat conditioner to reduce mats and tangles. Another way to reduce shedding is to bathe chow chows once or twice a month after brushing. During heavy shedding periods, chow chows may require daily brushing.

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