How Do You Choose the Perfect Cute Little Puppy for Your Children?

How Do You Choose the Perfect Cute Little Puppy for Your Children?

The best dog breeds from which to choose a puppy for children include the bulldog, beagle, bull terrier, collie, Newfoundland and Irish setter. Some of these make great supplemental babysitters, while others serve more as playmates for children.

Bulldogs are built solidly, which means they are capable of enduring a great deal of physical play from children without being hurt or worn out. They are also fairly calm, which serves to balance the high energy of children. Beagles are also relatively tough physically, in spite of their small size. They also tend to herd children to safety and keep a watchful eye on them.

Bull terriers tolerate roughhousing while remaining calm. They, too, are protective of their human charges. Collies are people-pleasers by nature, which means they are prone to being friendly. They are also safety-minded, alerting humans to potential dangers.

Newfoundlands are known for being excellent canine nannies that keep a sharp eye on the rest of their pack, while Irish setters provide the opposite benefit in that they are high energy and love to play with children.

When choosing one of these breeds for their children, parents should ask themselves what they hope a puppy can offer their children and their family in general.