How Do You Choose a Dog Breed?

How Do You Choose a Dog Breed?

The key to selecting a dog breed is to select one whose strengths and personality matches well with the owner's lifestyle. For example, Border Collies are extremely energetic dogs. They need a great deal of exercise, as well as mental stimulation, or they become depressed.

In order to select a dog, a potential dog owner needs to examine his lifestyle to see what type of dog might be a suitable match. The amount of exercise a dog requires should be a major consideration since exercising some breeds can be a time-consuming task.

The size and type of home that the potential owner occupies is also a consideration. A large, energetic dog is not compatible with a small apartment. Some small dog breeds do not do well in the country, especially if the owners expect the dog to spend most of the time outdoors

Finally, whether or not the potential dog owner has small children, or is intending to bring a baby into the home, should also be considered carefully. Dogs breeds that are known to be aggressive should be avoided for new owners. Additionally, dogs with long hair, which is tempting for small children to pull, should be avoided.

While the breed of the dog does make a difference, proper training and how the owner handles his dog is the most important factor in both the dog and the owner's happiness.