How Do You Choose a Cat?


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Families choose a cat by deciding on an age, observing the cat's personality, and considering preferences such as fur length, activity level and appearance. Finding a cat that fits the family's needs and preferences ensures the adoption is a good fit.

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Kittens are adorable, but they have a lot of energy and create extra work during litter training. Families with young children may prefer an older cat, especially if the children are rough, to avoid injury to a kitten. Senior cats may require more work and come with higher vet bills due to health issues.

The cat's personality is a major factor in finding the best match. Cats vary in activity level, playfulness, noise level and friendliness toward humans or other pets. Some like to cuddle up in laps while others prefer to be left alone. For families with children, consider how well the cat interacts with kids or tolerates a child playing with it. Avoid cats that are aggressive or shy away from kids.

Fur length is a factor that goes beyond appearance. A long-haired cat needs regular brushing or grooming to keep the fur from matting. A cat with long hair may also leave lots of fur behind.

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