How Do You Choose a Bluetick Coonhound?


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To choose a bluetick coonhound, have the dog examined by a veterinarian to rule out serious medical conditions, and purchase the puppy from a reputable breeder. Choose a breeder who provides documents proving the dog's parents have been genetically tested to eliminate the risk for serious disease later in life. When adopting adult dogs, choose one that displays the desired temperament when approached, as most behavioral issues are apparent in older dogs.

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When adopting a puppy, choose one with parents that aren't carriers of the diseases that commonly affect bluetick hounds. This is only proven by genetic testing. When adopting an older dog, visit the veterinarian to determine whether vision problems, or other conditions associated with aging, are present.

Before adopting, read through the contract the breeder offers. If a contract isn't available, choose another breeder. Additionally, avoid breeders who claim the dog's lineage is completely disease-free, as most blueticks develop some health concerns over the course of their life.

A reputable breeder can also provide basic health certifications to ensure the puppy is healthy, and are able to provide buyers with a puppy that matches the desired temperament. When adopting from a shelter, ask if the dog has known behavioral problems, and assess the dog's behavior. A dog that seems happy or content when approached is often a good choice for adoption.

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