How Do You Choose an Appropriate Breeding Stud for Your Horse?


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Start by getting your mare inspected, so you know all her strengths and weaknesses. Look for a stud that can strengthen her good areas and improve the areas where she is weak. Study his offspring as well as his past generations. Ask to see the breeding contract, and check how many years it covers, whether they offer a live foal guarantee, when the collection days occur and information about collection fees. Also, find out about discounts and auctions.

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Contact the owners of the stallion in person or on their website, and get a good look at the body structure of the horse, observe his gait, and see his offspring. Try to get information about his offspring, their body structures, gaits and trainability. Furthermore, ask about the mares that produced the offspring. If you find a mare that's similar to yours, you may get an idea of what to expect. Get information about the stallion's parents and grandparents, too. This informs you about which traits are dominant in his bloodline and what recessive traits may be expected.

If the stallion has any physical defect or is unsound, find out whether it was due to hereditary factors or due to an accident, and discuss this matter with a qualified equine veterinarian before you proceed.

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