What Is a Chiweenie Rescue?


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A Chiweenie rescue can refer to a rescue dog that is a Chiweenie, which is a dachshund/Chihuahua cross, or a rescue organization that specializes in Chiweenies. Chiweenies are not a common mix, so most rescues that have them focus on either Chihuahuas or dachshunds.

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"Chiweenie" is the so-called designer name for a mixed-breed puppy. They can have fairly diverse appearances and behaviors depending on their lineage and which traits the puppy inherited from each parent. Dachshunds can come in standard or miniature size, as well as short and wire-haired varieties. Chihuahuas also come in long- and short-haired varieties. Some Chiweenies may resemble their Chihuahua parent more, while some may resemble the dachshund parent and some may have a fairly even mix of traits. They come in a variety of colors and phenotypes, although most tend to be slightly long in the body like a dachshund.

There are few rescues dedicated to Chiweenies, but the dogs are often found in Chihuahua or dachshund rescues. They may also be found in municipal or other all-breed animal shelters. Adoption websites such as Petfinder.com allow interested adopters to easily search for a Chiweenie rescue. However, it may be helpful to search for Chihuahuas and dachshunds as well, as some shelters list Chiweenies as a mix of those breeds.

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