Where Do Chipmunks Live in the World?

chipmunks-live-world Credit: Ed Reschke/Photolibrary/Getty Images

According to the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection, chipmunks are found throughout the eastern United States and Canada. Their habitat extends west to the Mississippi River. Chipmunks tend to live in deciduous forests, heavily shrubbed areas and near the borders of suburban areas near forests.

Chipmunks live in burrows under the earth's surface. Several families of chipmunks may share one burrow, and they typically have several chambers for storing food and sleeping. These creatures dwell on the ground, and they do not typically climb or live in trees, though they do sometimes venture into lower branches of smaller shrubs and trees. Chipmunks are common in areas where there are many nut trees, since they stockpile nuts as a food source in the winter. They also feed on roots and tubers, and are often spotted digging under the ground for soft, young roots.

Chipmunks are common in many developed and suburban areas. They do not typically cause substantial agricultural damage, though they do sometimes steal seeds from fields or from bird feeders. Their underground burrows are not typically large enough to cause structural damage to buildings. Generally, humans are able to coexist with chipmunks in suburban and urban areas without experiencing any major challenges.