What Do Chinchillas Eat?


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The nutrition of chinchillas includes fruits, pellets, seeds, barks, berries, grass, alfalfa, leaves and plants. Typically, they eat foods that contain high levels of fiber. Raisins and peanuts can also be offered to chinchillas.

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People tend to give their pets treats that are not recommended for their particular pets. For a chinchilla to be strong and healthy, a person needs to practice moderation in feeding it. Chinchillas tend to have a very sensitive digestive system that cannot handle sugary and oily treats. Too many commercial treats can cause a chinchilla to suffer from diarrhea, and can also lead to serious problems, such as tooth decay, liver damage, seizures and impactions.

Fiber should be placed at the top of the diet list of a chinchilla, as it plays a crucial role in the digestive track, but it should be given in the correct proportion. Providing a chinchilla with quality hay grass helps to give it plant proteins. Plant protein plays a key role in proper fur production and comes second to fiber. Chinchillas should also have pellets all the time, and this should not be replaced with rabbit pellets. Many chinchilla owners tend to substitute their basic diet with food meant for rabbits and guinea pigs, which is not recommended. Access to clean water is necessary, as chinchillas tend to get ill if they lack water.

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