Why Does a Chinchilla Make a Weird Noise at Night?

chinchilla-make-weird-noise-night Credit: Danita Delimont/Gallo Images/Getty Images

Chinchillas are nocturnal. The sounds they make signal many behaviors – playing, breeding, birthing, feeding and so on. Chinchillas are one of the most intelligent members of the rodent family, and they communicate using a wide variety of sounds that can vary by individual and family groups.

Chinchillas are also crespucular, which means that they arre most active and dusk and dawn. Expect them to be most vocal at this time well. Common sounds are chirping and a bark similar to a squirrel’s. Usually alerts, chirps are warnings between individuals, while barks are warnings to a whole group. When scolded, chinchillas may make a high pitched whimper, and, like other mammals, they signal their moods using sounds and coos to signal comfort. Because chinchillas can live up to 20 years, owners have plenty of time to get to know what sounds they make and what they mean.

Some chinchillas can be trained to sleep at night. If it can, then the weird noises in the night are over. If it cannot, the owner is the one who has to adjust. To stay healthy and balanced, chinchillas need regular periods of daylight and dark to maintain their natural biological rhythms. Chinchillas are also happiest with the companionship of other chinchillas.