How do chimps fight?


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According to Slate, chimpanzee males form raid groups and proceed to search out and attack individual chimps. When male chimps go on a raid, they form a single line and march in unison on the forest floor, stopping to observe their surroundings along the way.

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Chimpanzee fights can be vicious, according to Scientific American. They have sharp canine teeth that can easily pierce human flesh and bone, and It is common for chimps to bite off the fingers of humans. Chimps purposefully attempt to mutilate the face and hands while fighting. This is true whether a chimpanzee is attacking one of its own species or a human. When males are part of a war party, they often attack other males, but warring males also attack juvenile chimpanzees for unknown reasons.

Another fact about chimpanzees is that they are stronger than people, according to Scientific America. The arms of male chimpanzees are five times stronger than the arms of human males. This is why most people find it difficult to hold on to an aggressive chimp. While chimpanzees can be amusing, especially when they are young, they do not make ideal pets for the home due to their unpredictable aggressiveness and temperament.

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