What are some children's books about snakes?


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Some children's books about snakes include "Snakes!" from TIME for Kids, "SeeMore Readers Giant Snakes" fromSeymour Simon and "Slinky, Scaly, Slithery Snakes" by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent. There are also a number of books that focus on particular kinds of snakes, such as Valerie Weber's "African Rock Pythons" and Emily Townsend's "Desert Animals: Rattlesnakes."

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In addition to these non-fiction children's books, there are also a number offiction books for children that feature snakes. These include "The Great Snake Escape" by Molly Coxe and "Never Fear, Snake My Dear!" by Rolf Siegenthaler.

Children's author Trinka Hakes Noblehas created a series of fiction books about a character called Jimmy and his pet boa.

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