What do chihuahuas eat?


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The Nest recommends feeding Chihuahuas a good-quality dry dog food that is high in protein. Because these small dogs have a high metabolism, they require almost twice the calories of larger dogs to remain healthy. Their small stomachs limit the amount they are able to eat at one sitting.

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While the Chihuahua's big eyes are often convincing when it begs for table scraps, sticking to its normal diet is much healthier and encourages better behavior from the dog. Certain human foods are dangerous for the dog, including sweets, dairy products and chocolate, notes WebMD. Bones are a choking hazard, and fat trimmed from meat potentially leads to pancreatitis.

Some pet owners choose to prepare homemade food rather than buy commercially prepared products. When doing so, it is essential to prepare nutritionally balanced foods to prevent nutrient deficiencies. Lean meats such as chicken, beef, pork and fish help to meet the pet's protein requirements. Rice, potatoes, barley, oats and pasta help to meet its carbohydrate needs. Adding dark vegetables to the mix, such as pumpkin, beets and broccoli, helps to provide needed vitamins and minerals. Chihuahua owners should also take the same precautions against spoilage and bacterial contamination with pet foods as they do when preparing meals for themselves.

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