How Do You Find Chihuahua Stud Services?


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The best way to find a Chihuahua stud is to get involved with your local or regional Chihuahua breed club and network with other Chihuahua owners. Although some stud owners advertise through online classified ads, choosing a mating pair is a complex procedure that should only be done by people experienced with the breed.

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Inexperienced breeders run the risk of inadvertently passing on genetic diseases or flaws that result in sick, ill-tempered or low-quality dogs. Chihuahuas are a popular breed, and many poor-quality puppies are produced by puppy mills. Poor breeding results in unhealthy dogs with bad temperaments, as well as many homeless dogs. Chihuahuas should only be bred if you are certain you are improving the breed and have a specific goal in mind.

If your local Chihuahua club is not helpful, contact responsible breeders in your area to ask about stud services. Be sure they are ethical and concerned about the future of the breed. They should test their dogs for hereditary illnesses and not produce a huge number of litters. Most breeders lose money on their dogs, so beware of stud owners who promise large profits.

Ask about the particular stud, too. The owner should be able to talk about his health and his bloodlines, as well as why he is a good match for your female. A good stud owner wants to protect the dog's reputation and legacy by producing top-quality, healthy puppies.

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