What Do Chiggers Look Like As a Rash on the Body?

Rashes caused by chiggers usually look like scattered red, round lesions. These lesions may be flat, raised or look like blisters, depending on the way the affected individual’s skin reacts.

The rash occurs because chiggers feed by using their saliva to digest small patches of skin. Proteins in the saliva cause a reaction nn the skin, which is why rashes vary somewhat in appearance between sufferers.

Chigger bites are usually found on the ankles and lower legs since people pick them up while walking through tall grass. The rash may also occur near the waist or other areas where clothing becomes restricted. Pets can exhibit the symptoms anywhere on their bodies, although the toes and around the ears are common sites.

Unlike many pests, chiggers do not breed and live in people’s homes. People who get recurring rashes or whose rashes develop despite not having been outdoors recently are probably not suffering from chigger bites.

Similar rashes can be caused by other insects and certain skin conditions. There is no way to diagnose a chigger bite for certain simply by looking at it. Doctors usually use skin scrapings or other diagnostic techniques to determine the cause of a rash or bite. For minor rashes, the diagnosis may be made based on the patient’s history and exposure to potential causes.